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Empowering Generative AI Anywhere

By harnessing the power of advanced optimization techniques, HippoML provides robust solutions for GPU AI computation. Our robust solution ensures quick, cost-effective, and reliable deployments of generative AI models that deliver top-notch performance from edge devices to data centers.

AI Computation, Fully Optimized

Coverage Optimized

Supports all modern AI models which are critical for products. Seamlessly compatible with NVIDIA, AMD, and Apple GPUs.

Performance Optimized

Leverages Model-System-Hardware co-design. We're pushing the boundaries of performance to unlock maximum potential and efficiency.

Deployment Optimized

Offers Docker images accompanied by REST API or bare metal C++/Python SDK. Up to a 100X speed boost in minimizing cold start latency.

PrivateCanvas: Super AI App

Your Free & Private AI Creativity App Powered by Local GPU, run as fast as Datacenter GPUs

Early Access on Mac/Windows/Linux

Supported Features:

  • SDXL/SDXL Fast LCM Text to Image
  • Refine Images
  • Prompt LLM / Prompt Fusion / Prompt Chat
  • Realtime Creating
  • Automatic & Manual Remove unwanted objects
  • Manual Editing (Inpainting)
  • Expand Image with Infinity Canvas (Outpainting)
  • 4X Upscale on Any Image

Acceleration Hub

HippoEngine is able to support state-of-the-art AI models and applications on AMD, Apple and NVIDIA GPUs