About us

Our goal is to develop AI systems that make hippo-sized generative models run as fast as cheetahs.

Our story

HippoML is comprised of a full stack AI team, specializing in everything from research and framework development to performance optimization and productionization. Over the past few years, we have shipped numerous data center and mobile AI infrastructures at Meta (Facebook), powering business-critical functional units, serving billions of users.

HippoML innovations are pragmatic. Instead of deepening the AI software stack, we focus on reducing its complexity.

At HippoML, we're not just hyping up the future of AI infrastructure - we're actively building it.

Our Team

Bing Xu
Bing is a co-founder and CEO of HippoML. His research has been cited more than 69,000 times. Bing has created or co-created XGBoost-Python/Julia, CXXNet, MXNet, and AITemplate.


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